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Hung Ju Sing (White Haired Devil) 


Paisley school of Hung Fut Kung Fu



Southern Shaolin Hung Fut Pai was created over 350 years ago in the footsteps of the Nine Lotus Mountains in Fujian Province China by the Hung Fut Pai founder Lei Jo Fune a monk from the Southern Shaolin Temple, Lei Jo Fune studied Hung Gar Kung Fu from the Hung Gar founder Hung Hei Goon and blended the hard, strong, external and low strong rooted stances of the Hung Gar system with the softer, swift, circular, explosive techniques of the Fut Gar training he mastered in the Shaolin temple and blended them together thus creating the Hung Fut Pai that has been passed down from grandmaster to student for generations and continues to thrive today across the globe.

Paisley School of Kung Fu teaches this traditional style of Kung Fu which will enhance strength, flexibility, stamina and self confidence.Techniques taught include: hand forms, weapon forms, fighting forms, conditioning and self defence.

You can test your skills participating in the fighting classes taught by Sifu Iain Paterson, 5 times national semi-contact and 3 times sport kick boxing champion. Fighting classes are particularly useful for those looking to increase fitness develop self awareness and improve reaction times.

  Sifu Iain Paterson demonstrating Gwando form 

Activity Information:

Location & Times

By Appointment Only


Royal Alexandra Hospital,
Crosebar Road, Paisley
(Lecture Theatre 2)
6.30 - 8.30pm

Kung Fu Information Only Contact:
Sifu Iain Paterson
tel: 07852 679453 

Lion & Dragon Performance Contact:
Ka Loch Man

 Lion Dance demonstration 


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