Paisley School of Hung Fut Kung Fu


General Training (Gallery)

A typical class will start with warm up exercises as listed below followed by some conditioning techniques, stretching and controlled sparring.

Hand Forms

These are a series of moves which are practiced by the student.
The moves have been passed down from master to student over many generations and have not been changed in any way. They will develop, with continued practice, good strength internally and externally.

Weapon Forms (Gallery)

Practicing with weapons is very similar to hand forms but is considered to be an extension of your arms during it's application.This concept will aid you in the art of weapon forms.

Competition Fighting

This is an opportunity to use kung fu techniques in a fighting situation. The class is based on semi-contact, which essentially means that the first hit gains the point. This class will improve your stamina and reaction time with continued practice.

Pad Work

This is a great way to practice techniques which can help you to see the power of the moves in your forms. Pad work can also increase the strength and precision of your techniques. It is also a perfect way to de-stress.

Self Defence (Gallery)

These are techniques taken from the forms and used in practice with a partner simulating street attacks. Should anyone have specific situations from an attack they have experienced, please tell us and we will try to give you defence techniques to counter any future occurrence.


A basic workout to try everyday in the house.

5 minutes gentle stretching
2 minutes gentle jogging on the spot
5 press up's
Jogging on the spot for about 20 seconds
(after every floor exercise)

5 Sit Up's
5 press up's
5 sit up's double twist
5 squat thrusts
10 alternating squat thrusts
10 squats
10 squats with front kick
10 stomach crunches
10 stomach crunches 2 sec hold each one
1 min fast running on the spot (knee's high arms swinging)
4 min light jogging
5 min stretching (cooling down)