Paisley School of Hung Fut Kung Fu

Code of Conduct

1. The Master of the school is referred to and addressed as Sifu.

2. A salutation or bow is given to the Sifu when entering or leaving the school and leaving the Kwoon (school).

3. The use of profanity is not allowed within the school.

4. Always come to class well groomed and clean. Wear the appropriate school uniform. Jewellery and watches should be   removed before class.

5. Be punctual for classes. If you are late, warm up on your own outside so as not to interrupt the rest of the class, then ask the Sifu for permission to enter the class.

6. If you are unable to attend the class, notify the Sifu.

7. Unnecessary discussions are discouraged. Talking is not allowed during the lesson except when asking pertinent questions. Have non-related discussions after class.

8. Do not interrupt the Sifu when he/she is teaching, this is seen as a lack of respect. Do not disrupt any other student's class or practice.

9. Do not teach what you have learned to anyone else, including students within the school, without the Sifu's permission.

10. Treat your fellow students with respect. Think of their progress as well as your own. Help each other practice and use control at all times.

11. Keep a clear mind and healthy body.

12. Maintain a kind and respectful image wherever you go. Practice with confidence, not a conceited attitude.

13. Treat the Kwoon (school) and all its equipment with respect. Clear up after yourself and do not leave weapons or other equipment lying about.

Students will be dismissed for disorderly conduct