Paisley School of Hung Fut Kung Fu


8th Generation Grandmaster Raymond Man (Gallery)

Ying Nap Man (Raymond Man) started his Hung Fut Pai training at the early age of 13 under the 7th Generation Grandmaster Hung Yu Cheung up in till his early death in the seventies. He then continued his training with the 8th Generation Grandmaster Hung Sui Sum where he spent a futher 10 years or so mastering every aspect of the fist, weapons, forms, lion dance and traditional chinese herbal medicine within the Hung Fut System.

Sifu Iain Paterson 

Iain has been training in martial arts since he was 14 years old, starting with the karate style of shotokan which he studied for 3 years, but after being inspired by some of the Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies, and watching the way they moved and the speed that which the moves were performed he was hooked. This attracted Iain to the style of chinese kung fu and after he had done more research into kung fu he found that it was a graceful way of fighting with both hard and soft moves, and with plenty of practice can be applied with high speed and great accuracy. Not only did it offer forms with hand movements, it also had forms with weapons like the sword, spear, three sectional staff, staff and everyday objects such as umbrella,chair, fan and cymbals.

Iain first started by joining his local kung fu club in Paisley, Lau Gar deriving from the Lau family tree and has been studying this for the last 13 years resulting in him being one of the top instructors in Scotland in this style. He has achieved many trophies at club, national and international levels with some of his favourites being the five times, first place Scottish National Champion at semi-contact fighting and three times Scottish National Champion at continuous fighting. He has studied a little in other styles such as Jeet Kune Do, kick boxing and Hung Gar Kung Fu all helping to improve his wealth of knowledge in martial arts.

Over the last few years he has been studying Shaolin Hung Fut Kung Fu which continues to improve his skills and fitness. This has let him get more involved with the chinese culture and community. He has also been given the chance to perform in the Chinese New Year celebrations and other special events through out the year such as the Lion Dance exhibitions.

As for the future he wishes to keep on improving his skills and club through determination, hard work, continuous practice, respect and patience from his instructors and students alike.

"Together we will make this club continue for many years and generations to come"

Iain Paterson
tel: 07792 980375


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