Paisley School of Hung Fut Kung Fu

School Rules

  1. Always show respect for your Sifu. Wish good moral character, love and respect to the senior students and help the junior students.

  2. Train hard in Kung Fu to understand the difficulties your Sifu overcame.

  3. Do not show off. Be gracious and humble in your behaviour. Show respect for others.

  4. Do not laugh without reason, threaten others, boast or lie.

  5. Do not hit someone smaller than you or use your abilities for revenge.

  6. Do not blame others or argue loudly.

  7. Do not be lazy. Remember that the literial translation of Kung Fu is "a skill earned through time and hard work".

  8. Do not gossip. Do not be a bully.

  9. Do not be greedy nor steal property from others.

  10. Be nice to everyone. Be modest. Be devoted to public duty. Be without ego. Be ready to help others and to help them be happy.

These rules are an updated version of the original
rules from the Shaolin Temple.